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SolarDuo Project
by Koray Tahiroglu and Joni Lyytikainen (TR/FIN)

Koray Tahiroglu is a sound artist, grew up in Istanbul and moved to Helsinki in 2000 to study at Media Lab UIAH. At the moment, within the same institution, he is doing a research on modeling human observable musical activity. He is experimenting on creating possible environments for generative musical improvisation with experimental musical instruments and interactive systems that give a possibility for audience to participate in an act of improvisation. Composing and performing electro-acoustic noise music has been a junction point for all of his interests in contemporary art.

Joni Lyytikainen is a sound artist and freelance graphic designer living in Helsinki. He has a BA in Fine Arts from Institute of Fine Art, Lahti. Currently he is studying his MA degree in New Media at University on Art and Design, Helsinki. His interest in sound and his musical experience has lead the way into electro-acoustic music and searching for new ways for musical creation in sonification of abstract data.

Open Call
As a result of the open call, which received high level of participation, the jury, composed of academic and professional names, has chosen the works of Muni Monde, Özdemir Bayrak, Kerem Güzel, Koray Kantarcıoglu ve Solar Duo, based on the criteria of relevance to the structure and themes of the festival. These names will be featured in the CD and the performance series of the project.