ctrl_alt_del..a sound-art project..istanbul..2005

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Orçun Bastürk (TR)
Creates experimental works in additition to his recorded albums with Replikas,Istanbul Blues Kumpanyası, and Saska.

Saska (TR)
Created music of Sayan–Altay and the Caucasus together with electronic and concrete disciplines in last year’s debut album “Sokkur Saska”. The forthcoming “Kavkaz Mambo” will be out in 2006.

Randiman Kakara (TR)
Founded in 2004 by Özün Usta, Korhan Futacı ve Berke Can Özcan from Tamburada ensemble, the project is based on home recordings enriched by free group improvisations.

Tonguc Gökalp (TR)
Tonguç Gökalp has been involved in object installations and sonic inventory studies since the 90’s, mainly under the name Abarjazz. He has been active with various other projects including Ramta and 2 Mekanik.

Liz Fando (TR)
Osman Kaytazoglu and Berk Gökberk have long been working on the notions of psychoacoustics. Liz Fando was developed as a project to experimentalise these notions.