ctrl_alt_del..a sound-art project..istanbul..2005

This year NOMAD is organizing ctrl_alt_del sound art project in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University -MIAM, to be linked to the 9 th International Istanbul Biennial. Resonating with the working concepts of the Biennial, the point of departure for ctrl_alt_del is the city; is to take the social and perceptual matrix of the city of Istanbul.

This project is developed by Basak Senova, Emre Erkal, Pieter Snapper, Paul Devens and Erhan Muratoğlu. Can Karadoğan is responsible for the logistics of ITU activities as the project coordinator and Nuşin Odelli is in charge of editing of the printed material.

16 th September-23th September 2005

16th September
Opening Night
17th September
Boat Tour
19th-22th September
Presentations, Workshops and Performances

ctrl_alt_del is an experiment in aural stimulation and urban awareness. Taking the city of Istanbul as the ground for this experimentation, ctrl_alt_del seeks to observe, activate and cultivate a series of idiosyncratic possibilities this city provides, under the rubric of the 'buffer zone'.

Istanbul is a city that permits the expression and exercising of the extremes, concurrence of rivalries at many levels and scales. However, instead of following a revered amendment of public sphere based on tolerance, this possibility is a function of the thick fabric the city is made of. The fabric explicates itself at many levels: from that of the street to the networks of the globe.

Multiple political and social segregations within the context of the city claim zones of space-time for their acts of manifestation. They activate a certain part of the city matrix, yet without repercussions and further ripples. These acts stay contained within well-defined frames. Backlash seems to lack, at least in the direct sense.

Analyzing the implications at larger scales also reveals a similar property: internationally incongruent parties seem to share common acts as they play themselves out in the city matrix. Turkey itself has active ties with many countries that represent theoretically and practically diverse and contradictory lifestyles, political agendas and economical systems. As these ties activate their counterparts in Istanbul, they might end up occupying a common stage.

What makes Istanbul interesting as a city is the lack of the anticipated clash. The fabric of the city seems to absorb a great level of impulsive action and the shock of the structure and the content of any segregation.

ctrl_alt_del seeks to take advantage of this fabric and aims at showing "the possibilities of living and producing together" through and within conflicting political, social and cultural segregations.

The event begins with an opening night performances in the city (venue: Balans Musichall). Then for the rest of the event, two campuses of Istanbul Technical University will house workshops and performances.

A boat trip is realized to pre-destined points on the Golden Horn. At each on of these points, a forgotten slice of the city matrix will be activated with an artist performance.

In these probes of events, a particular space is to be allocated for an artist to perform. The idea is to address the challenge directly: to create a network of social interaction, which is beyond production/ consumption, and beyond local/global.

A specialized topic such as sound art would already stimulate such a network, and the concept is to use the architectural intervention as the locus of this reaction.

ctrl_alt_del is designed to shape and mold a sub-network that hopefully contributes to the collaborators and visitors as a community, in Istanbul, Turkey and other locations. The notion is to recognize these individuals as agents of participation and production.

other concrete activities
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Basak Senova PK 16, Suadiye, 34 741 Istanbul, Turkey