ctrl_alt_del..a sound-art project..istanbul..2005

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Florian Schneider (DE)
Is a filmmaker, writer, and developer in the fields of new media, networking and open source technologies. In his work, he focuses on border crossings between mainstream and independent media, art and activism, theory and technology. He is one of the initiators of the KEIN MENSCH IST ILLEGAL (no one is illegal) campaign at documentaX and subsequent projects such as the "noborder network". He founded, designed and supported the european internet platform D-A-S-H, and the online-network KEIN.ORG. He is the director of the new media festivals MAKEWORLD (2001), NEURO (2004) and one of the co-organizers of the FADAIAT//Borderline ACADEMY event in June 2005 in Tarifa/Tangiers.