ctrl_alt_del..a sound-art project..istanbul..2005

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Emre Erkal (TR)
Is a practicing architect and a sound artist from Istanbul, and co-founder of NOMAD. As a sound artist, his interest is in the spatial aspects of sound: his installation work has been featured in the 8th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul Architecture Festival and ZKM|Zentrum für Kunst and Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe. Erkal holds a B.Sc. degree in electronics engineering; he studied computer graphics, cognitive psychology/cognitive science, artificial intelligence at the postgraduate level at various institutions in Turkey and the U.S. He received his professional master’s in architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design where he participated in research projects at MIT Media Lab. He has designed several buildings and won several national architecture and urban design competitions. He is also organizing ctrl_alt_del.