ctrl_alt_del..a sound-art project..istanbul..2005

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ekw14.90 (AT)
Moke Klengel (Graz, AT), Stofs Rath (Zurich, CH), Malis Stoeger (Linz, AT) and André Tschinder, (Linz, AT) have been working as ekw14.90 since 2000. As a working-collective, ekw14,90 is doing a weekly radio show at Radio Helsinki (Graz), producing music and videos, organizing exhibitions, and publishing the web-site.

Radio Helsinki, 92.6 MHz (AT)
The radio is situated in Graz and has been audible in Austria since 1995. It is a non-profit community radio, with community participation being one of its main aims. Locality, diversity, being non-profit, being non- discriminative on the basis of race, sex, sexual preference or religion, respect for the cultural identity of peoples, and open access are the main cornerstones of this project.