ilan is an artist-run internet art radio station, broadcasting from Athens and the web radio of the 1st Athens Biennial 2007 exhibition Destroy Athens.

Art Radio is the Web radio station of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (a Museum of Modern Art affiliate).

CKUT 90.3 FM (Montreal) CKUT 90.3 FM is a non-profit campus community radio station that provides alternative music, news and spoken word programming to the city of Montreal and surrounding areas 24 hours a day, every day. Listen at 90.3 MHz on your FM dial, or 91.7 by cable, or tune in by Real Audio over the Internet. The programs that will present the ctrl_alt_del works include XXfiles and Modular Systems.

Radio Helsinki is the noncommercial community radio station in Graz, Austria, dedicated to experiment and free expression.

CrossRadio - production network of independent radio stations, NGOs and radio activists from former Yugoslavia and beyond. (Radio Student/Ljubljana; B92/Belgrade; MaRS/Maribor; Radio Mostar; RadioIN/Novi Sad; Radio Blue Sky/Pristina; eFM/Sarajevo; RadioSombor; Kanal 103/Skopje; Radio Aktiv/Zagreb; Radio Zrenjanin; Radio X/Basel, Radio Lora/Zurich)

International Berlin Backyard Radio - from broadcast to podcast - Micro.Fm meshwork in Berlin & Brandenburg 12 + weeks on 12 + transmitters. Launching in September of 2007, three months of experimental radio will take place in Berlin and Brandenburg on a network of mini FM transmitters. Combining the best of digital and terrestrial technology, Berlin Backyard Radio brings together commissioned radio art, podcasts, streaming, and good old fashioned analogue broadcast in rarely realized form of participatory media: the public can tune in, join the production or even host a transmitter.

Periscope Radio is a free radio station in Pécs, Hungary, oriented for alternative music and local culture.

Radyo ODTÜ broadcasts at 103.1 (FM) by 5kW + RDS transmitters. Programs include music with Hot AC format and information. Radyo ODTU, also organizes open air concerts and special film screenings, annually. Since 1995, it broadcasts programmes on culture, art, science, entertainment and sponsors many social campaigns and events.

Açık Radyo (Open Radio), went on air in 1995, is a “regional” radio station, which broadcasts to the metropolitan Istanbul area and its environs, with the motto “Open radio is open to all the sounds, colours and vibrations of the universe.”

Radio Programmes

Broadcasting Schedule

    Radio Helsinki, Graz
    hotel passage by Reni Hofmüller: Sep. 11th, 10h (92,6 FM)

    Radio Zrenjanin, Basel
    Sep. 7th  20h (103.6 MHz)
    Radio In, Novi Sad
    Sept 10th 23h (106.3 MHz)
    Studentski Radio eFM, Sarajevo
    Sep. 8th at 12h (95.2 MHz)
    Radio Marš, Maribor
    Sep. 8th at14h (95.9 MHz)
    Kanal 103, Skopje,
    Sep. 8th at 16.00 (103.0 MHz)
    Radio Študent, Ljubljana
    Sep. 8th at17h (89.3 MHz)
    Radio B92, Belgrade
    Sep. 8th at 17:30h (92.5 MHz, 97.1 MHz)
    Radio Mostar, Novi Sad
    Sep. 10th at 20h (92.1 MHz, 96.6 MHz, 97.9 MHz & 99.3 MHz)
    Radio Sombor, Skopje
    Sep. 11th at 21:15h (90.9 MHz i 666 KHz)
    Radio LoRa, Zurich
    Sep. 6th at 17h (97.5 MHz)
    Radio X, Basel
    Sep. 6th at 19h (94.5 MHz)

    Radyo ODTU, Ankara
    Şehir Bülteni ve Etkinlik Rehberi: news about ctrl_alt_del, Sep. 9th - Sep. 16th (103.1 FM)
    14th Sep. 24h (103.1 FM)

    Periscope Radio, Pécs
    Sep. 9th - Sep. 16th, 13h (97.1 FM)
    the broadcast is repeated daily

    CKUT, Montreal
    XX files : Sep. 12th 11.30h  EDT time zone (90.3 FM)
    Modular Systems: Sep 16th EDT time zone (90.3 FM)

    Açık Radyo (Open Radio), Istanbul
    Sep. 9th - Sep. 16th, 03h (94.9 FM)
    the broadcast is repeated daily, Athens
    Sep. 9th - Sep. 16th
    GMT +2, Mon. 13h, Tue. 08h,, Wed. 18h, Thu. 20h, Fri. 12h, Sat. 14h, Sun. 16h
    the broadcast is repeated daily

    Art Radio, New York
    Sep. 3rd - Sep 30th.
    the broadcast is randomly repeated weekly

Radio Programmes take place from September 9th to 16th in various cities, in radios indicated above. Radio programmes feature over 50 artists, groups, projects, curators via compilations and interviews. 



Sound Viewing

20 min. presents a 20 minute radio programme for Ctrl_Alt_Del Sound Art Festival. The project entitled “Sound Viewing” was recorded in various locations in Kassel Germany, during 12th Documenta exhibition. Sounds from the city, people and artworks weave the carpet of this audio tour. “Sound Viewing” investigates the possibility of experiencing an international exhibition through audio means alone by listening to the various sounds produced.  Through this process, the listener experiences elements that wouldn’t be apparent before the isolation of the audio sense from the other senses. These hidden details will form new audio/visual relationships and either complete or change your viewing.


Los Angles

Fifteen Sounds of the War on the Poor

15 min.

Ultra-red asked 15 artists, "What is the sound of the war on the poor?"

Alejandra and Aeron


Ron Scott, founder, Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality

1 min.

We tried a few experiments recording things from TV here (Paris Hilton dubbed into Spanish, etc.) going through Max filters, but the above track was very direct, and demonstrates counter attacks via one of many activities going on in Detroit. Recorded January 2006.

Knut Åsdam


Las Vegas Cut

1 min.

Made after a trip to Las Vegas in the late 1990s and built up from the sounds of the large halls of slot machines, but also people's excitement and engagement with the shopping-mall like atmosphere in the casino.

Checkpoint 303


Bus 21, Jerusalem to Bethlehem, 10:16 27.06.07

1 min.

Description: To get to Bethlehem, which is located in the West Bank, for a few Shekels people catch the crowded and rickety Arab Bus #21 running to Beit Jala from Sultan Suleyman Street, near Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. Although Bethlehem lies about 10 km (6 miles) south of Jerusalem, the average trip length is 40 minutes and may take much longer depending upon the security situation and the time it takes to get through the military checkpoints.

Christopher DeLaurenti


The Temporary Home of Tent City 4

1 min.

Culled from a community meeting, "The Temporary Home of Tent City 4" excerpts the discussion and debate surrounding the arrival of Tent City 4 in Kirkland, a prosperous Seattle suburb.

Michelle Dizon

Los Angeles/Paris

Sarkozy, Au Contraire

1 min.

On May 6, 2007, the center-right UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy was elected President of France. Immediately afterward, a mass of protesters congregated around Bastille. The police, in full riot gear, teargased the area. This audio documents the spontaneous protest that ensued through the streets of Paris.

Ashley Hunt

Los Angeles

Minimum, Medium and Maximum Security Libraries

1 min.

The warden of a youth prison in Mississippi describes the value of a library to children who the school system never taught to read.

Jack Tactic

Los Angeles

Do You Love What You Feel? (Jack's Psychological Warfare Mix)

1 min.

Every time you're holdin' me . . . Do you love what you feel? . . . Cause I love what you do to me . . . Do you love what you feel? . . . Cause I love what you do to me

The Monitoring Group


Treander Guest House, Torquay 20:36 04.07.07

1 min.

The Treander Guest house is a run down Victorian bed and breakfast with flaking, nicotine-stained wallpaper, patched-up pink carpets, net curtains and long-collapsed mattresses concealed by flowery duvets. On the referral list for Torbay Housing Services, the Treander is a repository for people who are forced into "emergency homelessness". First Housing Services must establish if an applicant is really "unintentionally homeless" and then they will ascertain if they have a duty towards that person. In this recording Ana Barroso, a migrant worker and single mother from Portugal spoon-feeds her son Alex vegetable soup on their last night in emergency accommodation. Tomorrow is Alex's fourth birthday and they will move into the new house that Ana has so desperately been trying to secure in time for then. Alex and Ana were illegally evicted on June 25th because their landlord had taken new tenants. Ana hasn't had a change of clothes since the morning of the 25th, Alex has been without toys and books. Their former landlord barred them access to their belongings and changed the lock on the door of their flat while Ana was at work. Despite her gross annual income being marginally more than that of the national minimum wage, Ana has only been able to secure a new dwelling because she is in full time employment, a factor which carried as much currency with Housing Services as it did with prospective landlords.

Anton Nikkilä


Lasijauholaivakeikka Revisited

1 min.

Oh my youth gone by/I had to live through so many meaningless days/Oh my youth gone by/It was all just drudgery and monotonous war crusade. "Lasijauholaivakeikka" ("Glass Powder Ship Unloading Job") was written and recorded by Veikko Lavi in 1977 and transformed by Anton Nikkilä in 2007.

Isabelle Noël


Get Rich or Die Tryin'

1 min.

50 cent " my..., my ...." the game lil wayne jay z nelly chris brown Tupac Nas Notorious BIG- juicy Jadakiss Mims Kanye West Lloyd Banks Mario feat. Jadakiss & TI Lil Boosie Ludacris Birdman Lil Wayne.

Elliot Perkins


Waiting room, Torquay Citizen's Advice Bureau 10:27 13.06.07

CABs are voluntary organisations with charitable status. Torquay CAB was traditionally a generic advice centre run, in the main, by volunteers. Over the last few years their caseload in personal debt has swollen to the extent that they now only offer advice on debt. Any other enquiries are referred to the CAB in the next town of Paignton. Similarly CAB Teignmouth, the neighbouring CAB has reported that most of their cases are to do with benefit poverty.



Fifteen Bars at Sixty Beats Per Minute

Site recording (Barcelona Cathedral, June 2005) & beat-box.

Jennifer Rarick

San Francisco


A small recording of a woman in San Francisco's Mission district protesting the Bush Administration's use of 'war games'.  She is a woman I have had conversations with many times in the past over the War in Iraq and she funds most of her protest activities herself (and with the small donations people on the streets give).  She typically protests all by herself on street corners in the less than privileged neighborhoods.

Terre Thaemlitz


1980's Christian New Wave (found source)

If religion is the opium of the people, Christian New Wave was the opium of a generation of US Evangelicals that had grown up as critical consumers of the faith they now practiced, as well as recruitment fodder aimed at the faggy teens they wished to "save." The latter scenario is how it came to my attention as a youth.


Los Angeles

En La Frontera

From source material recorded in Tijuana, Mexico on 4 May 1997 and 26 December 1998. Specific locations include US/Mexico border gate at San Ysidro and, in the maquiladora zone, just outside the factories of Sanyo, Pioneer, Panasonic, JVC and Casio.

Maxwell City


Maxwell City, the electromagnetic soundtrack of Oslo

19 min. 50 sec.

A compilation of sounds recorded during the Maxwell City workshop at Atelier Nord in may 2007. Using different antennaes and coils the participants attempted to document the electromagnetic soundtrack of various parts of Oslo. Contributions by Lindsay Brown, Vygandas Simbelis, Amanda Steggell, Martin Howse, Erich Berger, Atle Barcley, hc Gilje, Sofia, Sneha, edited by hc gilje.

Lewis in heaven


etoiles polaires

19 min. 44 sec.

a compilation by Ruben Nachtergaele of material gathered while making 'sonic pictures' in Reykjavik (IS) and Nuuk (GR). Field recordings - a singing captain, children playing in the snow, some busking music students defying a friendly policeman who wants them to shut up, a protest mars against the closing down of a woman refugee house,.. - are combined with new generated music, inspired by these social experiences. Somewhere in between: a little bit of kapotski & guests live in Vooruit Ghent.

I hate music

web forum

I hate music

18 min. 13 sec.

A compilation by the members of I hate music web forum, complied and mixed by Mike Shiflet.



ctrl_alt_del compilation

20 min. 42 sec.

20 mins. extract from the compilation of the presented works in the context of ctrl_alt_del project since 2003. It includes Untitled Conversation by Erdem Helvacioglu (İstanbul), Rocketship by Every Kid On Speed (Skopje), Dengesiz Selim by Munimonde (Ankara), SolarDuo Project by SolarDuo Project (Helsinki) and finally Sello and under current by Paul Devens (Maastricht).



DJ Dee

Hong Kong

Zendee - Live in Lublin

27 min. 13 sec.

Zendee is a project created by Polish sound designer Zenial and experimental audio artist DJ Dee from Hong Kong, known from his albums released by Tzadik Records (as Li Chin Sung) and Noise Asia label.

@c (Miguel Carvalhais & Pedro Tudela)



20 min.

"48.2" was composed in Porto, Portugal for the ctrl_alt_del project from "48", with recordings from 11.2003 to 07.2007. "48" was released as a 3" CD-R in Grain of Sound in 2005, rist04. as everything else, this is a permanent work in progress.

Tobias c. van Veen



19 min. 01 sec.

FOIL blends urban sound recordings with media from wartorn places of the world. With what ears do we hear the war? An urbanscape is mined with explosive interventions from EA's BattleField 2 online wargame. From MTL to Beirut via Electronic Arts[TM]. Detonating itself into the debris of alterity. Explicit references lead to implosive depth charges as FOIL enters into the deafening silence of shell shock. Silence that is not actually silent but rather echoes the low-end subsonic swells of technological nihilism. [Thanks to Mazen Kerbaj /]. This work may be pirated at will as long as it is attributed and cited.

Radio Simulator


Remote Control Flying

22 min.

Six members of Radio Simulator group decided to depict the idea of “remote controlling”. Gathering found sounds, they produced a radioplay and with documented the tv / radio programming and GPS-drive they composed an electroacoustic collage. This program is another compound production exploring wide topic of process of simulation in producing the sound.

Matjaz Mancek / CrossRadio team

with contributions by Bojan Mandic - Radio Aktiv/Zagreb; Dejan Ubovic, Bojana Ljubisic - Radio B92/Belgrade; Petrirt Çarkaxhiu - Blue Sky/Pristina; Matjaz Mancek, Tadej Droljc - Radio Student/Ljubljana; Vasil Gjuroski - Kanal 103/Skopje

CrossRadio: Transgressing Remoteness

21 min. 25 sec.

Transgressing geographical, lingual and mental remoteness via radio broadcast and webcast. CrossRadio is a production network of independent radio stations mainly based in former Yugoslavian cities (Ljubljana, Maribor /Slovenia, Belgrade, Sombor, Novi Sad,  Zrenjanin/Serbia, Skopje/Macedonia, Sarajevo, Mostar/ Bosnia & Herzegovina, Pristina/Kosovo, Zagreb/Croatia), recently joined by two Swiss stations form Basel and Zurich.  It was the first cultural and media initiative in the war-wrecked region, that actively started to renew and promote communication, information exchange and artistic exchange among the independent art and culture scenes of Slovenia, Serbia& Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo. Since 2001 nearly  300 radio shows have been produced and broadcasted on by all of the participating volunteering radio teams on weekly basis.  Numbers of music & art festivals and conferences have been organized since then by CrossRadio teams in all the included cities. CrossRadio's mission is trangressing the remoteness of the cultural scenes which used to form one homogenous scene, but the fragmentation caused by war, made the fragments of theex-Yugoslav scene remote to each other as remote they could get. The featured radio piece is a collage of CrossRadio highlights - made especially for ctrl_alt_del programme -  featuring regional and international artists, organizers, activists and music - all that in Cross language - mix of Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, English, Albanian-English, French-English, Spanish-English, German-English, English-English,...Featuring (in order of appearance): interviews / jingles: Gerfried Stocker / Ars Electronica/Linz, Christian Fennesz /Vienna Anri Sala / video artist / Tirana/Berlin, Thurston Moore / Protest Records/ Sonic Youth, Jonathan Donahue / Mercury Rev, Eduardo Makaroff / Gotan Project, Manu Chao, Goran Simonoski / Belgradeyard SoundSystem, Phillipe Petit / Bip_Hop label / Marseille, Dave Holland / Fat Cat label /London, Pandit G / Asian Dub Foundation /London, MC N'Toko /Ljubljana, Anton Magnus - self proclaimed Tzar of Slovenia.  music: Puna Syndicate / Ljubljana, Wo0 / Belgrade, Fennesz /Vienna, The Stroj / Ljubljana, Sonic Youth / New York, Manu Chao - live from Ljubljana, Laibach (Türkiye) / Ljubljana, MC N'Toko (rap freestyle) / Ljubljana

Charbel Haber


Beirut Sounds

21 min. 25 sec.

A compilation gathered by Charbel Haber with Beirut based artists/groups: Scrambled Eggs, Mazen Kerbaj, Discipline, Raed Yassin, Gene Coleman, Charbel Haber and Michael Zerang.

Scrambled Eggs


Nevermind Where, Just Drive

6 min. 11 sec.

Nevermind Where, Just Drive (Those Kids Must Choke 2004).

Mazen Kerbaj



2 min. 12 sec.

Trumpet solo. BRT VRT ZRT KRT (Al Maslakh 2005).




1 min. 8 sec.

Gospel (Those Kids Must Choke 2004).

Raed Yassin and Gene Coleman


Episode 1: Damn You Salah!

7 min. 15 sec.

Raed Yassin (double bass) and Gene Coleman (bass clarinet). Gospel (Those Kids Must Choke 2004).

Charbel Haber and Michael Zerang


Track 5

4 min. 31 sec.

Raed Yassin (double bass) and Gene Coleman (bass clarinet). Cedarhead (Al Maslakh 2007).

Frontierlab (Montreal) + Ethedrone Muzak (Austin)

Montreal and Austin

Anthems for Austin and Montreal

20 min.

Curators Kyd Campbell ( and Frank Suchomel ( asked a number of artists to create national anthems for the newly created sovereign nation consisting of the linked cities of Austin, Texas and Montreal, Quebec and the lands included within the legal limits of each city. The first of its kind, this new country includes 2 remote capital cities connected by a high-speed monorail which will completed in its construction by 2012. The metropolises of Montreal and Austin take independence from the colonies that make up the remaining parts of the United States and Canada. The propositions included in this compilation are by artists(in order of presentation): anne-f (Montreal), In A Lonely Place (Austin), Deep Sleepover (Montreal), Doug Ferguson (Austin), Nicolas Dion (Montreal), Skylined (Pleven).

Visa Kuoppala, Sophea Lerner, James Andean, Eva Durall

Helsinki, Montreal, Sydney


17 min.

A collaboratively composed soundscape of Helsinki-Montreal-Sydney in 2007 based on short recordings of movements between spaces and through sonic transitions in these cities. SHIFT is part of an ongoing composition at, an online platform for collaborative soundscape of movements through sonic shifts in urban space. developed by Kaustubh Srikanth & Sophea Lerner.

Radio Free Robots

(Yann Leguay, Laurent Basset, Jérome Fino, Clément Lyonnet, Samon Takahashi)

invited by

Samon Takahashi


US English Conversation for Beginners

20 min.

Radio Free Robots (RFR) is a radio show entirely conducted by robots (spoken through synthetized voices). The moderator, Macha, runs a set of highly selected guests (robots). Robots specialists but also the everyone robot are discussing topics as diverse as robots' sociology, cyber terrorism, computer linguistic, bio-computing, the place og human being within society, the weather, autonomous objects, ... The radioshow being located in an undefined future, the topics are debated on a prospective or historical point of view; meaning that the era where the show takes place allows a historical sight over the contemporary topicality and as well anticipates a future of the future. The name Radio Free Robots refers cynically to the infamous US propaganda program fomented by the CIA : Radio Free Europe. The piece itself is called US English Conversation for Beginners. Taking example on the pre-recorded english lessons style of 'repeat after me', a robot read all the lexicon of the US Navy terms shortcuts. As if it were what we should first know in english (or our future generations - RFR is supposedly emitting from the future). It is a political and cynical act.



Kvitnu. High blood pressure electronics.

20 min.

Brief showcase/mix of a new label Kvitnu from Ukraine, with tracks and live pieces from artists like Dunaewsky69, Zavoloka, Petrov and Kotra.

Thomas Burkhalter



20 min.

Musicians, sound artists and composers from Beijing, Mumbai, Beirut to Sao Paulo, from Istanbul, Belgrade, Lagos to Johannesburg create music and soundscapes that reflect the effects of localisation and globalisation processes on various levels. We hear new representations beyond exotic East-West-Formulas, we hear the noise of World Politics, Propaganda and War in challenging settings. A glimpse from a one hour sound lecture with a focus on artists from Beirut who work towards new definitions of what is local and global music.
Voice: Eric Facon (Swiss National Radio DRS)
Sounds played:

    Iranian Orchestra for New Music "Chahargah" Hermes Records (Iran)
    Das Neue Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt “Glocken"  Musikszene Schweiz (Switzerland)
    Luc Ferrari “A Cypress at sunset. Tuscany” Subrosa (France)
    Zimoun “Kabel" Leerraum (Switzerland)
    Mani Matter “Ir Ysebahn" Zytglogge (Switzerland)
    Kamilya Jubran + Werner Hasler “Nafad Al-Ahwal 2"  Unit Records (Palestine/Switzerland)
    Mahmoud Refat “Mass" Leerraum (Egypt)
    Asmahan “Unknown” (Egypt)
    Elias Rahbani “Barilla Macaroni" (Lebanon)
    Mazen Kerbaj “Starry Night" (Lebanon)
    Raed Yassin “Feat. Hind Rostom" (Lebanon)
    Mazen Kerbaj “TAGADAGADAGDAGA" Al Maslakh (Lebanon)
    Shanghai Sound Unit “Leili Fengxing" Post-Concrete (China)
    B6 “Pussy in the Taxy"  Shanshui Records (China)
    Sandeep Bhagwati, Ensemble Modern “Sangit Sambhav“ (Germany/India)
    Mzekezeke “Imbongo (Pedos)" EMI (South Africa)
    Mzekezeke “Izinyoka" EMI (South Africa) - independent network for local and global soundscapes


East Jerusalem

Sabreen Compilation

15 min. 32 sec.

Sabreen Association for Artistic Development is a a non-profit, community based organization that specializes primarily in promoting music and combining it with different artistic expressions and forms. In this compilation, Sabreen presents 3 pieces from the "Shu Am Beseer" CD along with the piece "Eash Ya Kdeesh"  from the "Sabreen: Death of The Prophet" CD. "Shu Am Beseer" CD came out as a result of the vision and determination of PYALARA as a youth NGO in cooperation with Said Murad of Sabreen. "Song on check point", "Abu Tanfikha", and "What's going on" are a blend of rap, hip hop, traditional folkloric Palestinian music, and well known Arabic music.


SOS - State Of Sabotage

Tomorrow Never Knows

19 min. 47 sec.

Recorded live @ Petit Theatre Mercelis, FM Brussel / Belgium, November 22nd 2003 - This composition is based on interpretations and manipulations of source material recorded by the palestinian folk group Sabreen. The concert was accompanied by live visuals portraying the uncertainties of everyday life in Palestine.

Johanna Billing

Invited by Daniele Balit & Cecilia Canziani (1:1 projects, Rome)


You Don't Love Me Yet

22 min. 15 sec.

The "You Don't Love Me Yet" project exploits a dramatic repetition of melody and lyrics to unravel popular constructions of love, while presenting an evaluation of the formation of contemporary subjectivity. The project consists of both a film and an ongoing live tour (2002-2007) in which local musicians in different cities were invited to collectively cover the 1984 song "You Don't Love Me Yet" by the Texan singer-songwriter Roky Erickson. In this program you can hear a selection of versions made during the tour. First the soundtrack from the film "You Don't Love Me Yet" (2003), a group of musicians performing the song together in Atlantis recording studio in Stockholm, then an instrumental version, by O Samuli A, from the event in Helsinki, Finland (2003) followed by "Du liebst mich nicht jetzt", a Dutch version by De Rotte Herders from the Festival Boulevard event in S'Hertogenbosh, The Netherlands (2005) and a final version from Autohorse from the first live event in Stockholm (2002).