Open Call

Here are the selected works and the artists. The five names below are selected to perform in Istanbul during the ctrl_alt-del festival.

    Lars L. Hansen
    outer perimeter
    Duncan Whitley
    Dinah Bird & Jean-Philipe Renoult
    yeast serenade
    Ali Bilgin Arslan
    const. no:2
    Faye Peacock
    a list of people missed

Artists' works below will be in ctrl_alt_del compilation CD.

    Peter Cusack
    kopachi village, chernobyl 2006
    Norman W. Long
    gardening at night (an ambiguous heterotopia)
    Raum/2a (A. Utku Öğüt & A. Tolga Ayıklar)
    beyaz oda (white room)
    Timothy Weaver
    Incite/ (Kera Nagel & Andre Aspelmeier)
    Alejandro Garcia Gonzalez
    Giuseppe Rapisarda
    Thomas Bey William Bailey
    shinkokyuu/a deep breath
    Lou Smith
    experiment 1: the gas organ
    Jenni Meredith
    all at sea
    Henry Gwiazda
    Anton Kaun
    Association of Experimental Electronics
    Stewart Clelland
    Blas Payri
    faulender wald (decaying forest)
    Ido Govrin
    Iury Lech
    var var

All of the submitted material will be kept in NOMAD archive.

As the first dedicated sound art festival in Turkey, ctrl_alt_del enjoyed a great deal of international publicity in 2003 and 2005. For the third ctrl_alt_del, we looked for interesting, provocative, subversive, experimental and sophisticated works. As the result of our open call, 5 pieces are selected by the jury and will be presented during ctrl_alt_del.


Georg Dietzler

Paul Devens

Murat Ertel

Eran Sachs

Hassan Khan


Istanbul Technical University - MIAM (Pieter Snapper and Can Karadogan)

NOMAD (Emre Erkal, Erhan Muratoğlu, Basak Senova)


The practice of “remote orienteering” suggests generating content and schematics in our conduct. Equally applicable for radical means of urban subversion, “remote orienteering” is the key process which the entries of ctrl-alt-del should be directed.

The pieces are asked to be compliant with the following subjects in order to create an intellectual climate of comprehension and discussion:

    1. sounds for orientation, or sound as orientation.
    2. distant sounds or sound in spatial contexts
    3. sound and cultural subversion